Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, another mother's day almost here and gone... I can't believe it's been about 4 years since I've actually had a reason to celebrate it, to dote on mom all I wanted, and to really see her smile brighten up the day in an instant. It's not with remorse or grief that I write this entry now, but rather, a feeling of pride in the mom that I was fortunate enough, and truly blessed by God to have. She topped it all, no doubt. And even though I might not show that I miss her as much as I used to... I do. I miss her everyday, every moment. I look at kids who are graduating from high school, fellow future Marines, people who are succeeding in life... THEY all have moms to be there for them, to give them a hug, and to tell them they're proud of their son/daughter... why couldn't mine have stayed a whole longer?? I don't know. I'll never know. I stopped asking myself that question a while back. The important thing, is that she was more of a mom in those short 15 years I had with her than most moms will ever be able to be to their kids. I was truly blessed... and THAT my friends, is what you should prolly know about my mom. She was a blessing from day one, and her memory is still alive in her sons and daughters and in the hearts of all her friends.

We love you mom... Happy Mother's Day to ya!! ♥

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